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Private Service Bureau licensed by the State of New York
Disclaimer: This transaction or service is also available, at no charge, directly from the official Department of Motor Vehicles website at

Put your Car in Good Hands

I am a licensed private service providing all matter of assistance to motorists in the tri-state area. A family owned business with over 60 years of experience, you can depend on me to take care of your business so you don't have to. Avoid long lines, unnecessary delays, and the headache of dealing with the DMV. All work is guaranteed to be completed correctly, promptly, and with as little effort from you as possible.

My father started this business in 1956. While others imitate what we do, none can match the level of personal attention I offer. After scheduling an appointment, I arrange door-to-door pick up of your documents and instructions so you can rest assured that your schedule will not be interrupted.

The car. Since its inception, it has revolutionized our world. It has become a representation of our ingenuity and spirit, and has evolved from a simple means of transport to a source of pleasure for millions of Americans.

And yet owning one can be a complete and utter hassle.

Registration, licensing, and the Department of Motor Vehicles result in wasted hours away from family and work at best, and fines and legal troubles at worst.

Regain control and put an end to the worry and agitation.

Call me today at (914) 500-9081 or email me at, and make sure to ask for Peter.

My Services

I offer a large variety of services* to help take the hassle out of your relationship with the DMV. Services are available for trucks, trailers, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, jetskis, and more. My services include:

  • Obtain and secure license plates.
  • Obtain vehicle registration.
  • Obtain duplicate titles.
  • Obtain duplicate registrations.
  • Surrender license plates.
  • And more.

* Services are offered in New York State

My Partners

I have partnered with these fine dealerships to offer my services. They know the and depend on the quality of my work.

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There are lots of ways to get in touch with me. Please pick the one most convenient with you.